Residential Flooring| Epoxy

Residential Flooring| Epoxy


Epoxy flooring is increasing in popularity for residential and commercial use. One of the reasons for increasing the use of epoxy flooring for the home is that it has almost no restrictions in terms of design and color. Residential flooring transforms concrete, mosaic, and stone surfaces into attractive surfaces with high performance, resistance, and easy cleaning.

In this article, the features of suitable flooring for a residential house, and how to install and buy flooring are presented.

Epoxy Flooring for Home

The use of epoxy flooring for the home is increasing due to its performance and features.

You can use home flooring in all areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement, living room, etc.

One of the colorful roles of decorative resin flooring for homes is to create a warm and happy environment with the possibility of beautiful designs, as well as protect the structure from destruction and prevent pollution, which significantly reduces the need to repair the surface due to damage.

Special decorative epoxy flooring for homes, in addition to protecting the floor, is also a leader in beautifying and providing various colors and designs that match the decoration of the environment. Choosing eco-friendly Basa Polymer decorative flooring allows homeowners to cover interior areas of homes including bedrooms, living and dining rooms, kitchens, basements, and workspaces without any worries.

Residential house flooring features:


The most important feature of home epoxy flooring is its durability.

Decorative epoxy flooring for the home is resistant to high traffic. If exposed to any contamination, it is easily washed and does not get damaged.


Installation of flooring on all types of surfaces (concrete, ceramic, mosaic, etc.)

If there is a need to repair the flooring after some time, there is no need to remove the previous flooring or complete the flooring, and there is a possibility of local repair at a very low cost.

Visual appeal:

The integrated, seamless surface and the creation of various designs and colors of residential flooring add to the attractiveness of your home. Also, the smooth, polished, and reflective surface of decorative epoxy flooring helps to give your home a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Variation in design and color:

Another feature of flooring suitable for the home is that you can choose from an unlimited range of designs and colors.

Easy maintenance and cleaning:

One of the important considerations for choosing types of home flooring is its maintenance and cleaning. Due to the seamless nature of epoxy floors, they are easy to clean, without dirt getting stuck between the floor partitions, unlike other types of flooring.


The possibility of quick cleaning and the possibility of using basic equipment make it easy to clean the living room floor.


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Other Advantages of Basa Polymer Decorative Flooring:

• Integrated and seamless with self-smoothing technology

• Impermeable to water using super hydrophobic technology

• Anti-slip with the help of orange peel and anti-skid technology

• Heat resistant with thermosetting technology

• Resistant to cracking and separation from the floor with concrete diffusion technology

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Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring at Home

Now that we have talked about the advantages of epoxy flooring for the home, it is good to know about its disadvantages as well.

The disadvantages of epoxy flooring at home will not be as much as its advantages.

The most important issue in this regard is how to install epoxy flooring. To install and implement epoxy flooring, it first needs infrastructure to prepare for implementation. If your building is newly built, at least one month is needed for the concrete to be completely dry and ready.

Also, considering that the execution is done in layers, in general, at least 12 hours are needed for cooking and drying each layer.

Depending on the type of substructure and the substructure process, the number of layers, the selected design, etc., you may need between 3 and 7 days to install the home flooring.

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The Price of Residential Epoxy Floor

The cost of epoxy flooring for a residential house depends on many factors: the substrate and subfloor, size, type of material, selected design, etc., all affect the price of Epoxy Flooring.

In general, due to the high durability of epoxy decorative floors, easy and low-cost cleaning and maintenance, as well as easy repair, it can be said that using this flooring will be economical.

Note that the flooring may be slightly worn due to high traffic. In this case, with a little sanding and reapplying protective coating or varnish, your floor will be like the first day, and there will be no need to remove and repair the entire floor surface, therefore, the repair of the epoxy floor surface of your house will not be high.

You can contact Besapolymer to know the price of home epoxy flooring, place an order, and buy flooring for your home.


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