What is Epoxy Flooring?| Advantages

What is Epoxy Flooring?| Advantages


Epoxy flooring is flooring based on epoxy resin and epoxy hardener that can be applied in several layers on different surfaces such as stone, concrete, and mosaic.

In this article, the advantages of epoxy flooring, its uses, types, and prices are presented in full.


What is Epoxy Flooring?

What is epoxy flooring? Epoxy flooring is the most common type of flooring for various uses. Of course, choosing the type of flooring depends on different factors, and paying attention to them is one of the important stages of buying and implementing flooring.

According to its use, epoxy flooring can be used in 1) pharmaceutical industries, 2) food and dairy industries, 3) oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, 4) hospitals and health centers, 5) parking lots and commercial centers, 6) industrial centers and warehouses, 7) marine industries, 8 ) aviation industry and 9) used for residential purposes.

Also, especially considering the conditions of the desired location, this flooring is produced with special features such as antistatic and antibacterial in different designs and colors.

(To see the colors and designs of the products, go to the section Color guide.)

What are the advantages of epoxy flooring?

The important feature of epoxy resin flooring is its ability to be implemented in an integrated and seamless manner. The absence of seams and a ninety-degree angle with the wall makes it easy to wash and clean the floor in health environments such as hospitals and pharmacies.

It protects its bottom surface against wear and erosion, has high mechanical resistance and load tolerance, and is resistant to acid, alkali, and chemicals. The modern appearance, diversity in colors and designs, on the one hand, and the ability to paint, line, and mark the floor without changing the material, have attracted the attention of interior architects and companies.

Optimum preparation of raw materials according to the size has reduced polymer waste, less damage to the environment, and reduced side costs for employers.


In general, regarding the advantages of epoxy flooring, the following can be mentioned:

• Integrated space with smooth surface,
• applicable in two and three dimensions,
Excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.
• Tolerating high pressure and high traffic,
• Antithal property,
• Ability to repair,
• Simple and fast implementation,
• Resistance to chemicals,
• Protection of the concrete floor against erosion and destruction.
• Environmentally friendly and solvent-free.
• Beautiful appearance, variety in color, and design.
• Resistant to temperature changes,
• Long life and thus saving costs,
• High strength,
• Easy cleaning due to no seams and porosity.
• High safety with resistance to fire, heat, slippage, etc.


Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring.

How to maintain epoxy resin flooring

As we said, choosing flooring will cost very little to repair due to its high resistance to wear or impact. The maintenance of this flooring is very simple, and following a cleaning program suitable for its usage conditions guarantees its durability and maintains its beautiful appearance throughout its service life. However, some tips can increase the life of the flooring.


One of the factors affecting the lifespan of epoxy flooring is its maintenance and cleaning. In maintaining the flooring, pay attention to the following measures:

• If possible, clean with special detergents provided by the manufacturer.

• To avoid scratches, avoid dragging heavy and large objects on the floor.

• The flooring should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes.

• Before using chemicals, check the chemical resistance table and if chemicals are spilled on the floor, clean it.

• Periodic visits to immediately fix possible defects to prevent problem development

• Compliance with the cleaning program suitable for the user’s conditions

• Compliance with the appropriate consumption pattern

Installation of Epoxyflooring .


Epoxy Floors Cost

Determining the Price of Epoxy Flooring depends on several factors, including the type of use, floor conditions, size, and thickness of the flooring. Therefore, according to the mentioned factors, there is a different price range for it.

We suggest you contact Besapolymer company’s technical experts to inquire about the updated price and buy epoxy resin flooring. By having an expert team, quality raw materials, and taking into account the current conditions of the country, Besapolymer company has been proud over the years to gain the satisfaction and trust of its customers and record successful projects in its work record. The

Some of the epoxy floor coverings implemented with bisapolymer material:
Pharmacy Warehouse Flooring3

Pharmaceutical warehouse epoxy flooring


Epoxy antistatic flooring for Hospital

hospital epoxy flooring4

Antibacterial epoxy hospital flooring

Epoxy parking floor

Epoxy anti-acid flooring

(Click to get information about each project: projects


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