The price of Epoxy Flooring

The price of Epoxy Flooring

The Flooring forms the interior view of the floor of the building and must be strong enough against the traffic expected in that building. One of the most important factors in choosing the right flooring is the price of epoxy flooring and the budget for it. But the cost of buying flooring is determined under the influence of what factors? How much does Epoxy flooring cost?

The purchase price of Epoxy Flooring and the factors affecting it have been collected in this article.


The price of Epoxy Flooring

As you can guess, the price of flooring is based on the type of flooring (PVC flooring, resin floorings such as epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, roll flooring and linoleum tiles, stone, ceramic, etc.), the size and area of flooring, the cost. transportation to the flooring installation location, and installation costs including tools, labor, etc. are determined.

Among the types of flooring mentioned in this article, the price of resin flooring, such as the price of Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane flooring, and MMA flooring, and the factors affecting its price are discussed.


In the following, each case is examined separately:

1- Resin base used for flooring

The resins used in resin flooring are mainly polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, polyurea, and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The main difference of this category is in the final properties of the flooring and the speed of the flooring and as a result, the installation of the flooring.

In the meantime, epoxy floorings are more popular due to their very good mechanical properties, excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces, and lower prices.

If higher flexibility or resistance to ultraviolet radiation is needed, it is recommended to use polyurethane flooring. Polyurea flooring and MMA flooring are used in cases where very high cooking speed is required.

How much does Epoxy flooring cost? Each resin base has its unique specialty properties. Although the variety of products in each category is very high, in general, the price of epoxy flooring can be announced based on the type of resin used, in order of price increase as follows:

Epoxy flooring → Polyurethane flooring → Acrylate flooring

2- The final design of the flooring

Another factor affecting the price of epoxy flooring is its design. The most well-known design in resin flooring is 3D flooring and the use of transparent and colorless epoxy as a protective layer.
In addition to 3D flooring, designs such as Deco Design (design on the flooring surface based on interior design and ceiling and wall design patterns) and Color Flake (using colored flakes densely or scattered on the flooring surface and using transparent epoxy resin to protect the surface) ), stone design and stone carpet are other possible designs if resin flooring is chosen.

In all types of resin flooring designs based on epoxy resin, transparent epoxy resin is generally used to protect the final design of the flooring.
The complexity of the design and the amount of material needed to create the requested design is effective on the price of the flooring. Colorflick and Deco design designs have the lowest costs in this section.

3- Thickness of Resin Flooring

Another important issue in determining the price of resin flooring (the price of epoxy flooring) is the thickness of the flooring. The thickness of epoxy flooring and other types of resin flooring is determined based on the final use of the flooring, the conditions of concrete flooring, and in general the fineness of the flooring and its final design.

Resin flooring is classified into different categories based on the thickness of the flooring, from flooring with a thickness of several hundred microns to heavy-duty flooring with a thickness of several millimeters. Undoubtedly, increasing the thickness of the flooring will increase the consumption of materials and increase the price of the flooring. Therefore, it is important to make a proper evaluation of the flooring conditions at the time of choosing the resin flooring and determine the thickness of the flooring based on the requirements of the place of use and not more than the requirement.

4- Current type of surface and type of substructure

Epoxy and polyurethane floors need to be underlaid before implementation. The underlayment of flooring depends on the material and quality of the underlying surface.
Physical damage, the presence of holes, pollution, humidity, etc. affect concrete surfaces. Some levels may need to be repaired and restored before implementation. To repair weak points, cracks and seams, various resin materials including epoxy grout, mastic, or epoxy putty are used. Repairing these areas is necessary to achieve standard flooring with sufficient strength. Therefore, the current material of the surface affects the price of epoxy floors.

5- Size of Epoxy Flooring

The larger the working area, the lower the cost of epoxy flooring per square meter. Factors such as the transfer of equipment, the coming and going of executive staff and supervising engineers, the time required for the drying of different layers, etc., have fixed costs, and with the increase of the area, it is divided into a larger number, and as a result, the price of epoxy flooring per square meter decreases.

In addition, the number of people required to install the flooring is fixed up to a certain size, and if the size is less, the same number of people will be needed to install the flooring. For this reason, to save on flooring installation costs, it is suggested to avoid dividing the flooring installation steps and to cover all the desired space in one step.

6- The quality of flooring materials

One of the most important influencing factors in the price of epoxy floors is the quality of raw materials used.

Adding bulking materials to reduce the price of epoxy materials will decrease the quality. In this case, the only way to gain confidence is to choose a committed and ethical supplier and contractor. It is recommended to ask the supplier clearly about the amount of consumption of each product per square meter at the time of material purchase and avoid receiving pre-invoices that are based on the square footage without mentioning the amount of material consumed.

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Price per meter of Epoxy Flooring

One of the questions that our customers usually ask us is, is epoxy flooring cheaper than tile, ceramic, or other flooring on the market? And how much is the price per meter of epoxy flooring?

The answer to this question depends on the quality and finish of the products you are comparing.

In this regard, it is important to pay attention to one point: Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete against moisture, grease stains, or cracks, and in the long run, it greatly reduces the costs of cleaning, maintenance, and repair, and compared to the duration and level of protection. which offers an affordable price.

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