Methyl methacrylate Flooring Info

Methyl methacrylate Flooring Info


Polymethyl methacrylate flooring (MMA Flooring): In most construction projects, including construction, renovation, and restoration, project completion time is one of the most important issues that employers and contractors deal with. Sometimes, for the execution of floor projects of a multi-story commercial building, a food and beverage processing plant, and busy places such as airports and hospitals, it is not possible to shut down the production line, place, or relevant department for a certain period of time. This causes the engineers to try to use a material for the floor, which can be implemented and installed in the shortest possible time. Acrylate flooring (MMA), is the best option for flooring implementation, renovation, or repair in the shortest possible time. Next, we will examine the acrylate resin flooring and its features.

Features of Acrylate (MMA) flooring

In acrylate flooring, MMA resin is mixed with an initiator, and after performing radical or chain polymerization, cured resin and the final floor surface are obtained.

Acrylate flooring, like other resin flooring (such as epoxy flooring or polyurethane flooring), is a system consisting of at least three layers, each of which plays a special role in the system.

The remarkable thing is that, if in the case of epoxy flooring, each layer needs at least 8 hours for initial curing, each layer of MMA flooring is cured in less than an hour, and it is possible to use the flooring only a few hours after installing the flooring. There is acrylate. Therefore, the problems caused by the time limitations of flooring installation will be completely solved.


In addition to the speed of curing of these floorings, there are other significant specifications and features, among which the most important features of acrylate flooring are discussed below:

UV resistant:

Methyl methacrylate flooring, along with polyurethane flooring, with good resistance to sunlight and UV rays, are both suitable options for use in military spaces such as parking lots, footpaths, and bike paths.

The unsaturated structure of polymer synthesized as a result of radical polymerization is the most important reason for the proper resistance of MMA flooring to sunlight or UV rays.

Ability to install at different temperatures:

One of the common challenges in industrial and food industries is the possibility of installing resin flooring in low and negative temperatures.

Epoxy and polyurethane resin floor coverings generally have a very low curing speed at temperatures below 10°C due to the need to provide energy for the activation of their polymerization reaction from the environment, and as a result, the reaction is very long and ultimately the product will not be able to be presented and used. had

This is the reason why resin flooring contractors and operators refuse to install epoxy flooring in low temperatures.

However, this issue will not be a problem with acrylate flooring due to the use of primer in the system, and the volume of the reaction primer can be optimized based on the temperature of the flooring installation. Therefore, acrylate flooring can be used not only in temperatures between zero and 10 degrees Celsius but also in negative temperatures without any problems.

On the other hand, the structure of MMA flooring allows its use in cold and negative temperatures without reducing the impact resistance of MMA flooring.

Non-toxic Flooring with low VOC content:

Cured methyl methacrylate flooring is non-toxic and low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). But the MMA flooring material has a lot of smell and it is recommended that when using this flooring, the place must be well-ventilated and if there are windows, the windows must be open.

Adequate air circulation during the installation of acrylate flooring is essential both for the safety of the flooring installation contractors and to ensure the completion of the polymerization reaction of the MMA flooring.

Volatile Organic Compounds: These are organic chemical compounds that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. High vapor pressure causes most of the molecules of these materials to turn into gas and enter the surrounding air.

Fast curing and easy implementation in acrylate flooring:

Normally, the acrylate flooring material is cured one to two hours after application, and then the next layer can be applied. This high cooking speed means that food factories do not need to shut down the production line, and the interruption caused by the closure of several days does not lead to financial damage to the factory. Considering the size of the project and the amount of infrastructure required to implement resin flooring, methyl methacrylate flooring is usually installed and implemented completely within 2 days.

In addition, MMA flooring is produced completely self-leveling. This self-alignment makes the flooring material spread more easily on the floor and its execution is easier for the operator.

Desirable physical and mechanical properties of acrylate flooring:

In general, acrylate flooring has high adhesion, abrasion resistance, and strength, and is a suitable option for heavy industrial applications.

Also, if you need to use an anti-acid floor covering that is resistant to all kinds of acids and chemicals, you can use the BASADUR® M 501  product produced by Basapolymer Company. The important features of this acrylate anti-acid coating are its short usage time, low viscosity, absence of solvent in its formulation, fast curing, and easy installation.

Price of Acrylate Flooring:

Considering the special characteristics of methyl methacrylate flooring, such as high curing speed and the possibility of installation in negative temperatures, it is obvious that the price of this flooring is higher than other resin flooring (epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring).

But due to the long life and high durability of this product and no need to shut down the production lines, the side costs are reduced and finally, it is a very suitable option economically for uses such as food factories, industrial factories, and multi-story parking lots.

Acrylate resin flooring is a non-porous, integrated, and seamless flooring that is easily installed and executed on all types of substrates (concrete, ceramic, mosaic) and is resistant to all types of external factors such as impact, wear, and weather changes. protects If MMA flooring is properly maintained, this flooring can last for more than 15 years. Also, methyl methacrylate flooring is easy to clean and wash, and it will not cause any problems if you use hot water with high pressure.


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