About Us

Who We Are?

Baspar Sazan Iranian Company provides products and services in a specialized way in the field of production of various types of polymer integrated flooring. This company operates under the Besapolymer brand name and, in addition to producing products, it provides expert consultations in the field of designing floor protection systems and monitoring services.

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The story of the formation of Us

In 2009, during a visit to a pharmaceutical factory in Tehran, Mohammad Ronaq, who was a master’s student in polymer engineering at that time, noticed blisters on the surface of the epoxy floor of that factory’s production line. It seemed that the technical managers of the factory and the flooring installation contractor had no information about the causes of this serious problem, which calls into question the hygienic requirements of drug production.

The problem that caused it to happen was clear and preventable according to Mohammad Ronaq. The solution to solve this problem was announced to the technical manager of the factory during the same visit. Examining the epoxy flooring market in Iran indicated the lack of technical information and the lack of required training in the production, installation and implementation of products, as well as the final consumer. Resin floors and offering quality products were on par with the global market.

Introduction of Basapolymer – The initial team of Basapolymer was formed with the addition of Rostamzadeh, who graduated from Master’s degree in Polymer Engineering, and in the form of a technology core after patenting in 2010 and receiving a nanoscale certificate from the Nano headquarters in 2011 under the legal name of “Basparsazan Iranians” in the center The growth of polymer technology was established.

In 2014, Basapolymer received knowledge base approval for its anti-wear resin flooring and anti-static resin flooring products. Today, Basapolymer’s young team, consisting of experts from technical, marketing and management fields, seeks to develop a portfolio of specialized products and satisfy customers, and continues to grow energetically and with motivation.

Our Team

What can you expect from Basa Polymer ?

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Quality of Products

Basapolymer products are designed and produced relying on the world's current knowledge and using the experiences of prominent European companies. By establishing the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, Besapolymer has tried to provide a high level of quality in its products and services to its customers.

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Basapolymer experience

We are experts in our profession. By relying on its many years of experience and the support of leading European companies, Besapolymer is committed to the development of new, innovative and practical products in today's market. In addition to being a manufacturer of flooring products, Besapolymer also understands the problems and challenges faced by users.

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Basa Polymer innovation and technology

By continuously investing in research and development, relying on advanced engineering and chemical sciences and world-class knowledge, Besapolymer takes steps to meet the industrial needs of customers and works through the creation of new formulations of quality control tests to solve the problems of contractors and end users.

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We believe that the success factor of a manufacturer depends on direct and honest communication with consumers, Besapolymer believes in its products and stays by the customer's side.