3D Epoxy Flooring

3D Epoxy Flooring


Recently, 3D technology has become very popular in Resin Flooring. 3D Epoxy Flooring has been used more in shopping malls, halls, offices, houses, and apartments due to its creativity and high visual appeal. This design is the latest fashion in the fantasy world of flooring.

3D Flooring is not like vinyl stickers that stick directly to the floor. This type of flooring creates depth by creating a visual error, and besides creating visual beauty, it prevents damage that threatens the floor environment.

The installation process of 3D Flooring is performed layer by layer like simple epoxy flooring. with the difference that after applying the epoxy primer, the selected image is applied.
In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of 3D flooring, how to implement it, the price of 3D flooring, and… are presented.


3D Epoxy Floor Implementation training

Implementation of 3D epoxy flooring consists of installing a layer of self-leveling primer and then applying the desired image.
Next, it is covered with a transparent Khotraz epoxy or polyurethane coating.

Finally, an epoxy protective varnish is applied to the floor surface.

Unlike floor stickers and patterned vinyl flooring, 3D epoxy flooring allows for 3D visual imagination. These floors are resistant to liquid penetration and physical damage.

How to implement 3D flooring:

The best way to install 3D resin flooring is to use mesh fabric.

This cloth has a net shape and epoxy material is used to attach it to the floor.

In this method, after underlying and applying a primer, a light color is used for the image, and then the mesh is attached to the surface by epoxy material.

After that, transparent varnish is applied and in the last layer, a protective varnish is also applied to protect the floor from scratches.

The advantage of using a mesh fabric instead of a mesh poster is that it increases the contact surface, which leads to strengthening the adhesion between the layers of the flooring. In cases where a poster is used instead of a mesh fabric, problems such as air gathering under the poster and complete separation of the poster from the 3D flooring layers have been observed.

The important thing in installing 3D flooring is to pay attention to the sensitivity and not tolerate the smallest error in its installation. Therefore, it is suggested to get help from a professional supplier and contractor both for purchasing 3D epoxy flooring material and for its implementation.

If the installation of 3D flooring is not done correctly and by skilled personnel, it will separate from the floor, change color, blister, and crack in a very short time after its installation.

Due to the use of the design in the substrate, it is not possible to repair the flooring locally, and after the repair of the foundation, the flooring will be installed again, which in addition to the cost, will also result in problems caused by the inability to use the space until the repair process is completed.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3D flooring:

Among the advantages of three-dimensional resin flooring, the following can be mentioned:

Visual beauty:

The most important advantage of 3D Epoxy flooring is its stunning visual beauty. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, it can solve many interior room problems due to its unique aesthetic quality. By choosing the right design, color, and pattern of 3D flooring, you can make the room look bigger. This product can help realize the designer’s infinite imagination and attract the eyes endlessly.

High strength:

Another advantage of 3D Epoxy flooring is that epoxy resin flooring is almost impenetrable and highly resistant to acid, chlorine, and other substances such as bleaches and daily cleaners. For this reason, these floors (3D) are also used for industrial sectors. With the correct installation of epoxy flooring, it can be used for at least 15 years without changing its color.

By using polyurethane coating, scratches and wear against high traffic are reduced and 3D flooring is suitable for use in commercial centers with high traffic.

By using the final lacquer 401E of Besapolymer, you can have a fireproof floor, which will make a significant contribution to the safety of the building.

Easy maintenance and cleaning:

The absence of seams and cracks, along with the non-absorbent surface of the 3D epoxy flooring, has made these flooring products resistant to any pollution and makes it unnecessary to spend a lot of time cleaning the floor.

The fact that there are no seams and cracks, as well as the waterproofness of this flooring, makes it suitable for use in bathrooms or toilets that are always wet.


Disadvantages of 3D flooring

In general, the disadvantages of 3D resin flooring include the following:

• Sensitive and difficult installation
• More expensive than plain epoxy flooring
• Long-term installation of 3 to 7 days

The price of 3D Flooring

The cost of 3D epoxy flooring depends on many factors: the substrate and substrate of the 3D flooring, size, type of material, selected design, durability and lifespan, etc., all affect the price of 3D epoxy flooring.

In general, due to the high durability of 3D flooring, easy and low-cost cleaning and maintenance, as well as easy repair, it can be said that using this flooring will be economical.

Note that the flooring may be slightly worn due to high traffic. In this case, with a little sanding and reapplying protective coating or varnish, your floor will be like the first day, and there will be no need to remove and repair the entire floor surface, therefore, the repair of the three-dimensional floor surface will not be high.


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