Hospital flooring of medical centers

Hospital flooring of medical centers


The first place that comes to mind when hearing the word health is the hospital and other medical service centers. The risk of disease transmission in hospitals where floor cleaning is not done well is double. In hospital floors, bacteria do not penetrate non-porous surfaces, and alcohol-based detergents work better against dust on these floors. On the other hand, the gathering of people in the halls and corridors of hospitals is very high, so hospital flooring is a suitable choice for these places and must have very high abrasion resistance. In addition, the floor surface of the hospital should not be slippery to prevent injuries caused by patients and personnel slipping on the floor.

The features and importance of choosing the right flooring for hospitals and medical centers are presented in this article for your information.


The Importance of Hospital Flooring

According to what was said, the most important factors affecting the choice of flooring system for hospitals and medical centers are as follows:

• Integrated flooring of the hospital:

The integrity of the flooring and the lack of seams and gaps reduce the possibility of dust and pollution accumulation.

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Non-absorbent Flooring Surface:

The surface of epoxy hospital flooring should not be porous, the surface should be completely waterproof, oil and other substances should not be spread on its surface, it should be resistant to all chemicals and it should not stain due to contact.

Easy access and traffic:

In these places, it is very common to use wheelchairs and stretchers and to move patients with crutches. As a result, the used hospital flooring should be safe for patients and provide comfortable movement.

Easy to clean:

In sanitary places, the floor of the building is cleaned several times a day. As a result, basa polymer sanitary flooring should have the feature of easy cleaning. It should also be resistant to disinfectants because the floor of the hospital must be disinfected in these places.

The most important feature is antibacterial:

Bacteria are usually placed on the surface of the flooring, and due to the presence of pathogenic contamination in hospitals, the risks of the presence of bacteria on the surface of these places are higher than in other places. (What is antibacterial flooring?)

Non-slip flooring surface


Manufacturer of hospital flooring

Now that we are familiar with the required specifications and practical requirements of hospital flooring, we will examine the product according to these characteristics:

Epoxy hospital flooring and Besapolymer polyurethane flooring (flooring manufacturer) are the right choices for use in medical centers. The most important features of the base polymer hospital floor are as follows:


1. Creating a completely isolated and hygienic environment that can be easily disinfected and is antibacterial has made epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring a suitable choice for sanitary flooring use. 2. The absence of seams and as a result bumps, as well as the appropriate friction coefficient of these floorings with plastic wheels, facilitates the movement of devices such as stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. on the flooring surface.

On the other hand, the high strength of these floors prevents the erosion of the floor due to the continuous traffic of these devices.

3. The basic materials of epoxy basa polymer flooring are wear-resistant materials, they do not crack, and they will be resistant to chemicals. 4. Anti-slip epoxy flooring, even when wet, is not slippery, so it is suitable for all patients with all kinds of physical weaknesses and disabilities, doctors and nurses (for high speed of operation), patient beds, and emergency rooms at high speed, etc. The epoxy floor will be comfortable.
5. The hospital floor does not produce sound, which is a very important point for traveling in hospitals. 6. Besapolymer flooring, with the possibility of implementation in different designs and colors, can beautify the hospital environment, especially in the maternity, children, etc. departments.
7. Also, due to the high resistance of hospital resin flooring against abrasion, etc., they have a low maintenance cost and it will be very cost-effective in terms of quantity. 8. Base polymer conductive and anti-static flooring is a type of resin flooring (epoxy floor) and due to the absence of seams and a unified surface, non-absorption and the absence of seams at the junction of the flooring with the wall, it is the most suitable option in discussions related to the control of hospital infections in operating room or hospital radiology.

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Types of hospital flooring

All types of epoxy and polyurethane flooring are liquid at the time of installation and are implemented seamlessly and seamlessly.

These products create a completely new and integrated, watertight, and washable surface with excellent chemical resistance against all kinds of disinfectants and even at the junction of the floor and the wall by eliminating the corners and ninety-degree angles by creating practically no curved cornices connected to the wall. It does not provide a space for the accumulation of pollution, dust, and pathogenic substances, and as a result, it prevents the spread and growth of bacteria and germs and the spread of disease.


The price of hospital resin flooring

Hospital Epoxy flooring system; According to the substrate, and required thickness, specific user requirements may require different layers and amounts of material.

Therefore, the resin used (epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate), the size of the hospital, the costs of installing flooring, and the final design of the need for electrical resistance, etc.; It is influential in the price of hospital flooring.

To buy and inquire about the price of hospital flooring, you must have received the necessary information in this field.


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