semi-opaque Epoxy floor covering

semi-opaque Epoxy floor covering

Product Introduction

Use as: semi-matte epoxy varnish as an anti-scratch, waterproof and stabilizing coating


Storage Conditions

If the door is not opened and the original packaging of the factory is not damaged, the product can be stored for 4 months from the date of production in a dry environment at a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Preparation Substrate

• Concrete infrastructure:
The substrate must be completely prepared and free from any dust, gravel, oil, and pollution. Flooring has been done using equipment suitable for the type of substructure (concrete, stone, mosaic, or ceramic) and the appropriate primer has been applied to the surface. Click here to get to know the

product code of Besapolymer Epoxy Primer.
• Epoxy flooring substructure
To apply Basador E 411 epoxy varnish as a protective and anti-scratch topcoat, first, ensure the cleanliness and strength of the underlying epoxy floor. Using soft sandpaper, polish the surface of the epoxy floor and then proceed with the implementation of Basador-e 411 anti-scratch floor covering.

Technical Information

  • Excellent wear resistance (higher than BASADUR® E 401)
  • The final surface of the floor covering is orange peel and anti-slip
  • Ease of cleaning

Can be used in the flooring of hospitals and clean rooms, offices commercial and even industrial environments, and decorative parts.

  • With the ability to drive a forklift on the surface of the epoxy floor coating
  • Easy to use during installation
  • Waterproof floor covering and resistant to liquid penetration
  • Epoxy varnish with a semi-matte final surface


Appearance specifications:

  • Component 1: liquid, colored
  • Component 2: liquid, clear

Mixing ratio by weight: 45% by weight

Suitable subcategories for the product:

Concrete, mosaic, stone, ceramic, and resin flooring surfaces


Component 1: 13.8 kg bucket

Component 2: 6.2 kg bucket


Before mixing the two components, first, stir component 1. After adding the entire component 2 to component 1, stir the resulting mixture for about two minutes at a speed of 400 rpm using a drill mixer until it is homogeneous. Avoid movements that cause air to enter the mixture while stirring. Epoxy floor coating is done using a wool roller and the amount of consumption is about 100 grams per square meter.

After spreading the epoxy varnish material on the flooring surface, use another wool roller to smooth the applied surface so that the thickness of the coating is uniform on the epoxy flooring surface and prevents roller marks. For more information, you can contact our experts.



Epoxy floor covering| solvent based| semi-opaque| transparent

BASADUR® E 411, epoxy varnish, is a clear and semi-matte floor coating based on modified epoxy resin and amine hardener made with nanotechnology. BASADUR® E 411 epoxy varnish can be used as a protective top coat on all epoxy coatings.

While self-leveling epoxy coatings produced by Basapolymer generally have excellent wear resistance, BASADUR® E 411 Protective Varnish is specially designed to achieve a finish with maximum wear resistance and is among the most resistant to wear. Scratches and wear are included in the flooring industry.

BASADUR® E 411 epoxy varnish with nanoparticles used in its formulation has made the final product much more mechanically resistant than other products in its category. Increased durability and higher stability in similar conditions are other characteristics of this epoxy floor coating. This product is solvent-based and can be applied with a roller at a thickness of fewer than 100 microns on the surface of epoxy flooring, especially in decorative applications, hospitals, clean rooms, office and commercial environments. It can, in addition to making surface cleaning easier, surface waves Reduce the appearance of epoxy flooring caused by unevenness of the underlying concrete.

It should be noted that if the epoxy flooring has a design with colored flakes, clear epoxy varnish must be used as protection.



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