Warehouse flooring| pharmaceutical and industrial warehouse

Warehouse flooring| pharmaceutical and industrial warehouse


The floor of the warehouse must have high mechanical strength to withstand the loads applied to the surface due to the storage of materials and equipment as well as the movement of transportation machines in the warehouse environment. In addition, in some warehouses where the materials and health and food products are stored, environmental hygiene is very important. In these warehouses, in addition to the strength of the flooring and its durability, the lack of accumulation of pollution, the absence of dust in the environment, and the simplicity of cleaning the floor are other characteristics of the flooring.

In the following, information specific to warehouse floor Epoxy is provided.


1. Flooring of pharmaceutical warehouses

When talking about pharmaceutical warehouse flooring, the health rules and regulations required to be implemented in pharmaceuticals, such as the regulations of the Ministry of Health and GMP, and the high physical and mechanical strength required from the flooring due to the heavy traffic of the factory warehouse come to mind at the same time. But what features should a suitable flooring for a pharmaceutical factory have?

As mentioned, the construction and equipping of pharmaceutical factories must be done by the health regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, which are mainly in line with GMP regulations. In these regulations (the instructions for the establishment, operation, and inspection of pharmaceutical factories can be found at the end of the article), regarding the flooring of pharmacies, there are specifications such as surface integrity, impermeability, washing ability and proper slope towards waterways and abrasion resistance. Suitable for preventing the creation of dust and small particles in the air.

On the other hand, warehouses are places where the traffic of heavy wheeled vehicles such as light and heavy forklifts on the floor surface is very high. There is a possibility of heavy objects falling from a height inside the warehouse shelves, and in some cases, there is a possibility of corrosive chemicals falling on the surface of the floor.
Therefore, the epoxy flooring that can be used in the pharmaceutical warehouse, on the one hand, must meet the health requirements, and on the other hand, it must have high mechanical strength and sufficient chemical and abrasion resistance for use in the pharmaceutical warehouse.

But what are the specifications of Basa Polymer’s proposed epoxy flooring for use in pharmaceutical warehouses? This flooring consists of several layers and how is it installed?


Features of pharmaceutical warehouse Epoxy flooring:

1. The characteristics of the suitable warehouse flooring system depend on the usage and the nature of the products stored in it. But at the same time, we know that the flooring of all warehouses must be highly resistant to wear and impact.

2. Cracks in the floor, grout lines, and joints between sheets or planks of flooring material increase contamination. Bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms can collect in these places, and not be completely removed by standard cleaning methods. At the junction between the wall and the floor, the seam is vulnerable to contamination, which is why one of the GMP standards is to ensure that all internal surfaces are smooth, without porosity, cracks, seams, and open joints.

3. Epoxy flooring of the pharmaceutical warehouse prevents the accumulation of pollution and germs in these parts with integrated installation and connection with the walls.

4. Due to the average traffic of pallet jacks and personnel, the pharmaceutical warehouse epoxy flooring system has good wear resistance.

5. Because the pharmaceutical warehouse is a part of the drug manufacturing plant, the epoxy flooring system of the warehouse must also be hygienic and show good resistance to continuous washing with various detergents and cleaning devices.

6. To increase the resistance of the flooring against the slipping of employees and to cover the waves of the floor, Basa Polymer proposes to implement the flooring of the pharmaceutical warehouse in the form of orange peel (textured) and semi-matte.

7. Also, creating visual beauty and a better feeling in personnel is one of the important features of the design of basa Polymer flooring.

8. Finally, a pharmaceutical warehouse epoxy flooring system, with moderate installation cost and minimum maintenance cost requirement, durability and high performance, cost-effective installation time, and compliance with GMP requirements, is the best choice for a pharmaceutical factory warehouse.

2. Flooring of industrial warehouse

What are the reasons for using resin flooring in industrial warehouses? The floor of industrial warehouses is one of the places under stress, wear, and high risk of falling heavy objects. On the other hand, the possibility of spillage of corrosive chemicals and the specific requirements of that industrial environment, such as the laws of the Food and Drug Administration, are all involved in the choice of warehouse flooring.


Influential factors in choosing warehouse flooring:

1. Industrial warehouse floor dust:

One of the most important reasons for covering concrete surfaces with resin flooring (Epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, and MMA flooring), especially in warehouses, is to reduce the effect of dust. In addition to the floor, the causes of dust is caused by the operation of the packaging department, pallets, and dust in the air. One of the main sources of dust can be removed by covering concrete and creating suitable flooring in warehouses.

2. The beauty of industrial warehouse flooring:

One of the factors that make the use of resin flooring in warehouses remarkable is the color and freshness of the environment. Clean and shiny surfaces have a significant effect on the morale of employees, give a sense of trust to the customer, and create a pleasant work environment compared to a work environment with a dull and dirty concrete floor.

3. Ease of cleaning the warehouse floor:

The concrete surface in warehouses keeps environmental dust and pollution on its surface, while by applying resin flooring on the concrete surface, not only the concrete surface is protected against wear and dust is not created in the environment, but the protective layer The coating seals the concrete and prevents the penetration of materials and pollution into it. As a result, cleaning is done faster. It also creates a dry and safe surface and reduces the cost of cleaning, sweeping, and washing.

4. Protection against wear:

Resin floors in warehouses are more durable than concrete floors. Vehicle traffic, especially when combined with other environmental factors, can wear down the cement surface of the concrete floor and leave minerals exposed. Epoxy resin flooring can protect the surface of concrete and due to its high wear resistance, problems caused by surface destruction will not occur in these floorings.


Installing warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring consists of at least three layers and its implementation is almost the same, but according to the thickness of the epoxy flooring, the consumption of epoxy flooring material is different.

In general, the important points in installing Epoxy Flooring are as follows:

• The bottom surface must be smooth, level, non-porous, and completely clean so that the resin can be applied properly on the surface;

• Flooring operation, emptying of seams and cracks, and repair of loose points is the first step of epoxy flooring installation.

• After preparing the surface, epoxy primer is applied as the first layer of epoxy flooring on the surface, and the purpose of its use is to ensure good adhesion of the flooring to the concrete.

• Based on the requested thickness and the designed flooring system, the middle layer of the epoxy flooring is applied in one to several stages in the form of smoothing, mastication, silica spraying, or self-leveling;

• If necessary and there are surface irregularities, putty is prepared using epoxy flooring material and the surface is puttyed and ready for the final layer of epoxy flooring. The final layer is also applied on the surface either as a roller and orange peel or a smooth and polished self-leveling coating based on the requested system.

You can read more information about how to implement in the article on how to implement epoxy flooring.


Basa Polymer resin floors designed for use in warehouses are integrated and seamless and have high mechanical strength. Their cleaning and maintenance are simple and low-cost. The high abrasion resistance of these systems, along with mechanical strength, has created a high service life for them.


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Examples of flooring used in industrial and pharmaceutical warehouses


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