UV-Resistant Polyurethane Floor Coating

UV-Resistant Polyurethane Floor Coating

Product Introduction

As a final clear coating (transparent varnish or top coat) in places where wear, chemical resistance, and UV resistance are required, such as sports halls, commercial, office, and residential houses – open spaces – inside and outside the building and decorative items.

Features / Advantages:

  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to sunlight/ultraviolet rays
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Easy to use when installation
  • Flexible
  • Glossy or semi-gloss final surface
  • Seamless and uniform finished surface
  • High adhesion

Storage Conditions

The product must be stored in original, unopened, and undamaged sealed packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between +15 °C and +30 °C. In these conditions, the product can be stored for 6 months from the date of production.

Preparation Substrate

First, the concrete substrate must be prepared mechanically and using grinding machines until the surface of the concrete, which contains cement and water residues and causes the surface to become alkaline (concrete syrup), is removed to reach the open pores of the concrete.

Any weak points in concrete and surface imperfections such as holes, cavities, and cracks should be drained and repaired. For this purpose, you can use the BASA repair material.

It should be noted that all dust on the surface must be removed before applying the products. Using industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power is recommended.

Technical Information

  • Appearance specifications:

Component 1: liquid, clear

Component 2: liquid, clear

  • Uses:

Can be used inside and outside the building as a topcoat for polyurethane or epoxy flooring

  • Suitable substrates for the product:

Concrete surfaces, epoxy flooring, polyurethane, mosaic, stone, and ceramic

  • Packaging:

Component 1: 13.2 kg containers

Component 2: 6.8 kg containers


Before mixing the two parts, stir part A. After adding part B to part A, stir the mixture for 2 minutes at 400 rpm using a drill mixer. While stirring avoid sudden movements that allow air to enter the mixture. Then apply the material on the surface using a wool roller. Consumption of prepared material per square meter is about 100 to 200 grams (depending on floor conditions). Do not keep the mixed material in the bucket for a long time; because the primer will have a very short pot life due to the heat generated by the reaction of the components.



PU Floor Coating| Solvent-based| Clear| UV-Resistant

BASADUR® U 401 varnish is a two-component polyurethane resin-based thin floor coating that is applied as a protective layer on the final surface of polyurethane or epoxy flooring systems.

Due to its resistance to wear, UV rays (sunlight), and suitable flexibility, the range of applications of this product is very wide. Also, due to the low viscosity of this product, it can be easily applied with a wool roller or spray. The consumption of this product is only 100 to 150 grams per square meter.

The high quality of raw materials used in the formulation of BASADUR® U 401 polyurethane floor coating ensures the maximum strength of the varnish against wear.

On the other hand, the high adhesion of this product makes it possible to use it as the final layer (top coat) on all types of resin flooring and to solve the main need of many customers who are looking for anti-wear resin flooring.

Yellowing or discoloration of some epoxy or polyurethane coatings against direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays is one of their disadvantages, which can cause consumer dissatisfaction if the consumption pattern is not followed.

As mentioned before, the special advantage of BASADUR® U 401 polyurethane varnish or clear coat, which distinguishes it from other similar products on the market, is its high resistance to UV and direct sunlight. This feature, along with transparency, has made this product ideal for use in decorative applications.

The high impact resistance of BASADUR® U 401 polyurethane clear coat is also one of the premium features of this product, which originates from the elastic property of its material.

This feature, which is intended to repel shocks and possible tensions on the floor, has been welcomed by many customers in gyms.

According to their needs and tastes, consumers can apply polyurethane varnish both textured (orange peel) and smooth and polished.

The textured finish will provide users with the ultimate anti-slip surface. To apply this polyurethane varnish in a smooth and polished way, you must use suitable rollers.



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