Polyurethane flexible flooring cover

Polyurethane flexible flooring cover

Product Introduction


Self-leveling floors and concrete tops covered with heavy wear traffic such as assembly halls and warehouses, repair workshops, garages, underground parking lots, loading ramps, etc.

The anti-slip type of this product is recommended for use in multi-story and underground parking lots, process halls, and wet repairs such as food and beverage industries.

Places where there is a lot of wear and tear and some value.

Features / Advantages:

– High mechanical and chemical resistance

– Resistant to structural vibration

– Sound reducer

– Easy to use during installation

– flexible

– Semi-glossy and polished final surface

– Anti-slip final surface if needed

– Excellent abrasion resistance

Storage Conditions

If the door is not opened and the original packaging of the factory is not damaged, the product can be stored for 4 months from the date of production in a dry environment at a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Preparation Substrate

A concrete substrate must first be mechanically prepared by sub or scratch equipment until the surface of the concrete surface, which contains the remaining cement and water and causes alkalinity of the surface (concrete sap) is removed and reaches the open pores of the concrete. Weak points of concrete should be removed and surface defects such as pits, holes, and cracks should be removed. Fix the following. Fill holes, holes, and cracks. For this purpose, you can use polymer repair materials. It should be noted that all the dust on the surface must be removed before applying Basa polymer products, for which it is recommended to use industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power. At first, the substrate should be coated with one of the base polymer primers.

Before applying the BASADUR® U 304 self-leveling polyurethane coating, it is necessary to apply a primer and, if necessary, repair the cracks and seal the foundation.

Technical Information

Appearance specifications:

Component 1: liquid, colored

Component 2: Liquid, transparent brown

It is possible to choose the color.

Need for primer:

Use a primer

Subtitles suitable for the product:

Concrete, mosaic, stone, ceramic, and metal surfaces


Small packaging

Component 1: 21.5 kg containers

Part 2: 3.5 kg containers


Before mixing the two components, first, stir component 1. After adding all of Component 2 to Component 1, stir the resulting mixture for about two minutes at a speed of 400 rpm until it is homogeneous. Then add other components such as silica powder to the mixture if necessary based on the type of system required and stir until they reach a continuous state. If you need to use silica powder, make sure that the silica is completely dry to avoid the sudden foaming of BASADUR® U304 polyurethane coating. To make sure how to stir, pour the resulting mixture into another container and stir. Avoid movements that cause air to enter the mixture while stirring. For mixing, you can use a mechanical mixer with a speed of 300 to 400 rpm.



Polyurethane| self-leveling cover| Solvent-free| flexible

BASADUR® U 312 is a self-leveling, solvent-free, two-component, flexible polyurethane coating. The remarkable flexibility of this flooring leads to the rejection of the structural pressure of the floor that originates from contraction and expansion, and as a result, it prevents the creation of possible cracks in the flooring. This product is more economical than BASADUR® U 302 and has higher hardness than U 302 polyurethane coating.

BASADUR U312 polyurethane flooring has many uses in many different areas due to its unique features. Due to their flexibility, lengthening, and proper stiffness, they are often a good choice for multi-purpose gymnasiums, as they reduce the risk of injury to athletes. The texture of polyurethane flooring is not so rough and full of friction, and walking on it conveys a pleasant feeling to a person.

This product is a suitable choice for multi-story parking lots because it minimizes the possibility of cracks in the parking floor and at the same time has high mechanical strength. It should be noted that if it is implemented in textured and orange peel, it will prevent noise while the car is moving.

The installation steps of polyurethane flooring are similar to epoxy flooring, but the high sensitivity of this material to moisture and the possibility of foaming, if there is moisture in the environment, necessitates the need for a more skilled implementation team. Because due to the presence of moisture, significant amounts of carbon dioxide gas are produced during a chemical reaction with the polyurethane hardener, and this issue leads to the foaming phenomenon of polyurethane flooring.

BASADUR® U 302 self-leveling polyurethane coating can be applied as a final layer, after proper foundation, on concrete, stone, mosaic, metal, and even epoxy flooring surfaces. During the installation of polyurethane flooring, if needed, epoxy primer can be used to increase the adhesion of polyurethane flooring. Click here to get to know the types of base polymer epoxy primers.



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