Fast Curing Hybrid Coating

Fast Curing Hybrid Coating

Product Introduction


As a final coating in places where materials resistant to moisture, chemicals, hot water, as well as fast curing and high mechanical properties are important, such as dairy, food, and meat products manufacturing industries, cold environments such as parking lots


  1. Moisture resistant
  2. Ability to install and run in humid environments
  3. High mechanical and chemical resistance
  4. Resistant to hot water
  5. Fast cooking speed
  6. Good abrasion resistance
  7. Easy to use when using
  8. flexible
  9. Excellent resistance to liquid penetration
  10. Anti-slip final surface if needed
  11. Affordable
  12. Integrated and uniform finished surface
  13. High adhesion

Preparation Substrate

A concrete substrate must first be mechanically prepared by a sub or scratch equipment until the surface of the concrete surface, which contains the remaining cement and water and causes alkalinity of the surface (concrete sap) is removed and reaches the open pores of the concrete.

Weak points of concrete should be removed and surface defects such as pits, holes, and cracks should be removed. Fix the following. Fill holes, holes, and cracks. For this purpose, you can use polymer repair materials.

It should be noted that all the dust on the surface must be removed before applying the polymer products, for which it is recommended to use industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power.

Technical Information

Appearance specifications:

Component 1: liquid, colored

Component 2: liquid, transparent brown color

Need for primer: No need for primer

Subtitles suitable for the product:

Concrete, epoxy, polyurethane, mosaic, stone and ceramic surfaces


Part one: 20 kg containers

Part 2: 5 kg containers


Before mixing the two components, first stir component 1. After adding all of component 2 to component 1, stir the resulting mixture for about two minutes at a speed of 400 rpm until it becomes homogeneous. In order to make sure how to stir, pour the resulting mixture into another container and stir. Avoid movements that cause air to enter the mixture while stirring. A mechanical stirrer with a speed of 300 to 400 rpm can be used for mixing.



Hybrid Self Levelling|Solvent-free| Fast Curing

BASADUR® H 900 is a solvent-free hybrid self-leveling coating with a high curing speed, which is used in resin flooring systems, and the most important feature of its material is compatibility with the humidity of the substrate and the substrate. These features allow the implementation of this self-leveling hybrid coating in environments with high humidity. In addition to humidity, cold also has no effect on the implementation and installation process of BASADUR® H 900, so it can be used even in negative temperatures. The use of resin flooring systems with hybrid coating in all kinds of industries, including dairy industries, has many benefits, which include excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to water and acidic and alkaline chemicals.

Most of the floors based on epoxy and polyurethane resin cannot be used in wet environments, and failure to observe this point is the main cause of problems such as blistering and foaming of resin flooring based on this material (epoxy and polyurethane). Therefore, the specialists of Besapolymer company have designed a special product for wet surfaces, which can not only be used in wet environments, but also low temperature does not affect the performance and final baking surface of the coating, and it dries at a higher speed than common epoxy coatings. and polyurethane. This product is fully cured in a very short period of time compared to other epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Basador H900’s good compatibility with water and moisture not only makes it easier to perform in the above environmental conditions, but also after drying, the resistance of the hybrid coating against hot water and other acidic and alkaline chemicals is still high. This feature has made resin coating easier to wash for users in various industries including dairy, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The lack of growth of germs and microorganisms, the non-permanence of dust on the surface, complete sealing and impermeability, the integrity of the surface and the absence of seams, and the ability to continuously wash and use disinfectants and disinfectants have put it in the category of sanitary resin coating.

For more information about the technical specifications, price, and terms of use of BASADUR® H 900 hybrid self-leveling coating, you can contact Basapolymer experts.


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