Self-leveling Antistatic Epoxy Coating 25%

Self-leveling Antistatic Epoxy Coating 25%

Product Introduction


As an antistatic self-leveling coating in applications sensitive to the accumulation of static electric charge. These epoxy floors have the ability to distribute the generated static electricity and are therefore suitable for sensitive electronic environments that work with electronic equipment, solvents, gas, or explosives.

Characteristics / Advantages

  • Surface electrical resistance in the range of Ω to Ω
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Easy application during installation
  • Seamless, waterproof and nonabsorbent, hygienic, and washable
  • Gloss finish

Storage Conditions

The product must be stored in original, unopened, and undamaged sealed packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between +15 °C and +30 °C. In these conditions, the product can be stored for 6 months from the date of production.

Preparation Substrate

First, the concrete substrate must be prepared mechanically and using grinding machines until the surface of the concrete, which contains cement and water residues and causes the surface to become alkaline (concrete syrup), is removed to reach the open pores of the concrete. Weak points in concrete should be removed and surface imperfections such as holes, cavities, and cracks should be emptied and repaired with a suitable resin material.

It should be noted that all dust on the surface must be removed before applying the products, for which the use of industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power is recommended.

The substrate must first be impregnated with one of BASA POLYMER Primers. The substructure should be prepared with an epoxy self-leveling coating to create a suitable substrate for installing the antistatic coating. After making a suitable substrate (completely level and integrated), First, the copper network is glued to the surface using epoxy putty and then an antistatic epoxy primer is applied on the surface. The substructure is now ready to install the antistatic self-leveling coating.

Technical Information


Part A: colorful, glossy, liquid

Part B: transparent, liquid

Weight mixing ratio

25% by weight

Required Primer for BASADUR®-E325:

This product requires an antistatic primer and copper network.

Suitable substrates for BASADUR®-E 325:

Concrete, mosaic, stone, and ceramic surfaces


Small Package

Part A: 20 Kg container

Part B: 5 Kg container


Before mixing the two parts, stir Part A. After adding Part B to Part A, stir the mixture for 2 minutes at 400 rpm using a drill mixer. While stirring avoid sudden movements that allow air to enter the mixture.

Pour the self-leveling antistatic epoxy coating materials on the floor surface and spread them on the floor by using a squeegee. Polish the surface by using spiked rollers.



Self-leveling Flooring| Solvent-free|Antistatic|25%

BASADUR® E325 is an antistatic and self-leveling two-component epoxy coating based on a modified epoxy resin of bisphenol A and a polyamine hardener with a surface electrical resistance in the range of 106Ω to 109Ω.

After surface preparation; the installation of the copper network, and installation of the antistatic primer, BASADUR® E325 self-leveling antistatic epoxy coating is applied. The antistatic coating is self-leveling and after spreading it over the floor with a proper squeegee, a spiked roller is used to remove air bubbles and help it level better. The product has a good viscosity for easy installation and is economically viable with reinforcing fillers.

Note that due to the use of the copper network, it is recommended that the flooring substrate be leveled with the appropriate material as much as possible. It is recommended to use self-leveling epoxy coatings such as BASADUR® E 302 and BASADUR® E 303. The distances of copper grids depend on the required electrical resistivity and the dimensions of the room. From the copper network, suitable outputs are considered for connecting the antistatic flooring to the ground well of the building.

The use of BASADUR® E 325 antistatic coating is common in places where there is a sensitivity to the accumulation of static electric charge and in order to prevent accidents or personal and financial losses.

Antistatic Flooring

Applications of Antistatic Epoxy Flooring:

  • Hospital surgery rooms
  • Server and control rooms
  • Storage warehouse for explosives and chemicals
  • Packaging halls
  • Workshops for the production or repair of electronic equipment



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