self-leveling epoxy coating 18%

self-leveling epoxy coating 18%

Product Introduction


  • Anti-slip or self-leveling coating in industrial applications such as production halls and warehouses
  • Make putty to fill the seams and apply the cornice
  • Middle layer for medical epoxy flooring substructures

Features / Advantages:

  • Self-alignment and easy implementation
  • Medium viscosity and excellent filler
  • Solvent-free
  • Can be used in different flooring applications
  • Sealing and protecting the surface against liquid penetration, impact, and wear
  • Glossy final surface
  • Anti-slip final surface if required

Storage Conditions

If the door is not opened and the original packaging of the factory is not damaged, the product can be stored for 6 months from the date of production in a dry environment and at a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Preparation Substrate

The substrate must be completely prepared and free of any dust, gravel, oil, and pollution. Flooring has been done using equipment suitable for the type of substructure (concrete, stone, mosaic, or ceramic) and the appropriate primer has been applied to the surface.

Technical Information

Self-leveling coating, two components, high mechanical strength, waterproof, washable, resistant to chemicals, excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.

Appearance characteristics

Component 1: Color coating with one of the RAL K7 color codes

Component 2: Clear yellow liquid


Component 1: 21.2 kg bucket

Component 2: 3.8 kg bucket


Before mixing the two components, first, stir component 1. After adding the entire component 2 to component 1, stir the resulting mixture for about two minutes at a speed of 400 rpm using a drill mixer until it is homogeneous. Avoid movements that cause air to enter the mixture while stirring.

According to the required type of use (intermediate coating, mastic, cornice, putty, grout), the amount of material consumption and work method will be different.



Self-leveling| epoxy coating| Solvent free| Polyamine| General

BASADUR® E 312 is a two-component self-leveling coating based on epoxy resin and polyamine hardener, which is used as a low-viscosity self-leveling coating in industrial applications.

This product is more economical than BASADUR® E 302 and can be used as an intermediate layer for medicated epoxy flooring.

The application method of this product is self-leveling or non-slip. Also, due to its low viscosity, it has a high filler and can be used to fill seams and cracks and create cornices and putty.

BASADUR® E 312 is a suitable option for environments where self-leveling, mechanical strength and wear-resistant flooring are important in addition to cost-effectiveness.

Also, qualitative studies have shown that if this product is used in a place that is under mechanical pressure such as heavy traffic, abrasion, penetration of harder objects, or impact, damage or separation of layers will not occur.



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