Self-leveling 3-component Epoxy Coating

Self-leveling 3-component Epoxy Coating

Product Introduction


Very heavy and industrial uses / high-traffic and heavy warehouses, production halls with heavy traffic of vehicles or production line equipment that impact the floor.


  • Very high installation speed in high thicknesses
  • Excellent adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, and impact strength
  • Excellent filler and can be used as putty, epoxy grout, and mastic

Storage Conditions

The product must be stored in original, unopened, and undamaged sealed packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between +15 °C and +30 °C. In these conditions, the product can be stored for 6 months from the date of production.

Preparation Substrate

The substrate must be fully prepared and free of any dust, gravel, oil, and dirt. With using suitable equipment and based on the type of substrate (concrete, stone, mosaic, or ceramic), a suitable surface preparation method must be done. A suitable primer should be applied on the surface.

Technical Information

Appearance specifications:

  • Component 1: liquid, colored
  • Component 2: liquid, clear
  • Component 3: Mineral powder

Subtitles suitable for the product:
Concrete, mosaic, stone, ceramic, and resin flooring surfaces

Component 1: 12.3 kg bucket
Component 2: 3.2 kg bucket
Part 3: 9.6 kg envelope


Before mixing the components, stir Part A. After adding Part B to Part A, stir the mixture for 1 minute at 400 rpm using a drill mixer and finally add the third part to the mixture and stir for 2 minutes. While stirring avoid sudden movements that allow air to enter the mixture.

Depending on the type of use (Intermediate layer, mastic, baseboard, grout) the amount of material consumption and working method will be different.



Self-leveling Flooring| Solvent-free| three-component

BASADUR® E307 is a three-component coating based on modified epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. Due to the use of modified mineral fillers (third component), the impact strength, hardness, and abrasion resistance of this product are very high, and for this reason, the use of this product is recommended in very heavy and industrial applications. BASADUR® E307 is an epoxy self-leveling coating that is used as the final layer in industrial applications that require high mechanical strength. These applications include the flooring of warehouses with heavy and high-traffic loads, production halls with heavy traffic of vehicles or production line equipment that hit the floor, and so on. This epoxy coating is self-leveling and comprised of three parts. The amount of material consumption is 3 to 5 kg per square meter, and as a result, a thickness of 1.5 to about 3 mm is reached in one installation step. The possibility of applying 3 kg of an epoxy self-leveling coating (per square meter) in one step of the installation of BASADUR® E 307 reduces the installation time of flooring, and therefore the use of this epoxy coating is recommended in projects with limited installation time.

Note that the filler used in the BASADUR® E 307 is self-leveling and it is not possible to use conventional quartz sand as an alternative. However, in addition to self-leveling coating, this product can be used in the preparation of epoxy mastic and grout (due to its excellent filler loading capacity).

In general, the most important features of BASADUR® E 307 are

– Three-component self-leveling coating

– Very high installation speed at high thicknesses

– Adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, and extraordinary impact strength

– Excellent filler loading capacity and can be used as epoxy grout and mastic

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