Epoxy Middle Coat for wet surfaces

Epoxy Middle Coat for wet surfaces

Product Introduction


  • Intermediate/Middle Coat of epoxy flooring system
  • Mastic and, grouting binder
  • Repair material for substrate defects


  • Low VOC content
  • Very high adhesive strength
  • fast curing reaction

Storage Conditions

The product must be stored in original, unopened, and undamaged sealed packaging in dry

conditions at temperatures between +15 °C and +30 °C. In these conditions, the product can

be stored for 6 months from the date of production.

Preparation Substrate

The substrate must be fully prepared and free of any dust, gravel, oil, and dirt. With suitable equipment and in accordance with the type of substructure (concrete, stone, mosaic, or ceramic), sub-flooring must be done A suitable primer should be applied on the surface.

Technical Information


Part A: Creamy transparent, liquid

Part B: Brownish transparent, liquid

Weight Mixing Ratio

13% by weight

Suitable substrates for BASADUR®-E 200

Concrete, mosaic, stone, and ceramic surfaces


Small Package

Part A: 22.1 Kg container

Part B: 2.9 Kg container

Part A+B: 25 Kg ready to mix unit


Before mixing the two parts, stir Part A. After adding Part B to Part A, stir the mixture for 2 minutes at 400 rpm using a drill mixer. While stirring avoid sudden movements that allow air to enter the mixture.

Depending on the type of application of this product (middle coat, mastic, grout) the amount of material consumption and working method will be different. For more information, you can contact our experts.



Middle Coat| High Solid Content| Polyamine| Damp Substrate

BASADUR® E 200 is an Intermediate layer material for an epoxy flooring system, based on modified epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This product has a high solid percentage and low VOC content. A small amount of solvent has been used to adjust the viscosity. This epoxy middle coat, BASADUR® E 200, can be used as the repair material and grouting to be used on concrete, mosaic, and ceramic substrates.

A remarkable feature of this product in comparison to other middle coat products such as BASADUR® E 201 and BASADUR® E 202, is its very high adhesive strength to the substrate, especially in situations where there is a possibility of moisture present in the substrate. Its other advantage is the high curing speed which leads to shorter installation time. Because of its fast-curing speed, the installation of this middle-layer product should be fast enough to prevent the product from gelling before the installation operation ends.

BASADUR® E 200 is a two-component product and in order to prepare the material, the components must be mixed well with an appropriate mixing ratio according to its technical datasheet. It is recommended to use a drill mixer for mixing.



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