Polyamine Epoxy primer

Polyamine Epoxy primer

Product Introduction


Especially for use on wet surfaces/the possibility of using on fresh concrete surfaces or places where, due to existing restrictions, the amount of moisture in the foundation is higher than the permissible limit.


Two-component product

Very high adhesive strength

Storage Conditions

If the door is not opened and the original packaging of the factory is not damaged, the product can be stored for 6 months from the date of production in a dry environment at a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Preparation Substrate

First, the concrete substrate must be prepared mechanically and using grinding machines until the surface of the concrete, which contains cement and water residues and causes the surface to become alkaline (concrete syrup), is removed to reach the open pores of the concrete.

Any weak points in concrete and surface imperfections such as holes, cavities, and cracks should be drained and repaired. For this purpose, you can use the BASA repair material.

It should be noted that all dust on the surface must be removed before applying the products. Using industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power is recommended.

It is possible to use this primer on fresh concrete surfaces or places where the moisture of the substrate.

Technical Information

Appearance specifications:

Component 1: liquid, colorless

Component 2: liquid, colorless

Subtitles suitable for the product:


Concrete, mosaic, stone, and ceramic surfaces



Part 1: 13.6 kg bucket

Part 2: 3.4 kg bucket


Because of the special formulation of this epoxy primer, its application time is very short. To prevent the primer from rapidly curing, the material can be prepared in small quantities.

this epoxy primer is two-component and after mixing the two components with a drill mixer, this product is ready to be applied on all types of concrete, stone, mosaic, ceramic, and metal surfaces. Epoxy primer is applied by using wool rollers.



Epoxy primer| solvent base| Polyamine| Damp Substrate

BASADUR® E 115 is a two-component solvent-based epoxy primer, the most important feature of which is high compatibility with environments and wet substrates. Therefore, it is recommended to use this product in places where the humidity of the environment or the substrate is more than the permissible limit, or where the concrete has just been applied and the moisture has not completely evaporated, to prevent any blisters and lack of adhesion.

The main task of primers in resin flooring is to create maximum adhesion between the upper layers and the underlying surface. The importance of the quality of these primers is very high because if a good quality primer is not used, the lifespan of the entire system will be affected and it will be separated from the substrate early. The probability of this phenomenon increases when there is a lot of humidity in the environment and doubles the sensitivity of choosing the right primer.

BASADUR® E 115 has a low viscosity and with a special material used in its formulation, it achieves maximum adhesion to all types of moist concrete, stone, cement, etc. substrates, because with this primer, it is possible for moisture to penetrate and pass through the layer. The bottom is minimized and by creating chemical and mechanical connections, layering and peeling of the resin flooring system are prevented.

When using this primer, you should pay attention to the issue of solvent retention in thick layers.

BASADUR® E115 two-component epoxy primer is ready to be applied on all types of concrete, stone, mosaic, ceramic, and metal surfaces after mixing with a mechanical stirrer.

Installation and implementation of BASADUR® E115 epoxy flooring primer is done using a wool roller.

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