New Epoxy and Polyurethane Anti static Flooring

New anti-static flooring

The supply of New Epoxy and Polyurethane Anti static Flooring of BASA Polymer Products

Despite the requirement to use antistatic epoxy flooring in some specific uses, due to problems such as not offering products in all categories of electrical resistance suitable for different uses, the constant presence of tangles and unconventional protrusions of carbon fibers (hot spots) and also The requirement to apply high amounts of paint each time and as a result of imposing the resulting costs on the customer, the use of these products have faced limitations.

To solve these problems, BASAPolymer offers products according to the exact classification of electrical resistance of the flooring surface, reducing hot spots, increasing the visual effect, and reducing the amount of consumption up to 200 grams per square meter in the form of protective coatings, the ability to respond to low voltage tests and The use of various baking systems has been able to present a new basket of antistatic/conductive flooring to the market.

With the increased complexity of electronic devices and the greater density of their components, their susceptibility to damage from electrostatic discharge has increased. On the other hand, the safety and health of the people working in the places where this equipment exists have also been given more attention in the past years. In this regard, strict standards have been developed regarding floorings and anti-static equipment, such as the primary standards ANSI/ESD S20.20, ASTM D150-06, ANSI/ESD S7.1 and IEC 6134, which in short are the classification of flooring based on the electrical resistance range. It is shown in Figure 1


Figure 1. Division of ICF and DIF ranges according to common standards

Based on its scope of activity, BASAPolymer has designed its innovative flooring based on epoxy and polyurethane resins to meet the growing needs of the market in the field of said coatings. The list of these new products is given in table one. It should be noted that in expanding the portfolio of antistatic products, the production of technological products, reducing the content of volatile organic substances (VOC), and making them more compatible with the environment have also been considered.


Product code type  picture2According to IEC 61340 surface to surface 1×104 – 1×106
According to IEC 61340 surface to Ground 1×104 – 1×106
1000 Volt 500 Volt 250 volt 100 volt
BASADUR® E709 Epoxy-based floor covering
BASADUR® E326 Epoxy-based self-leveling flooring
BASADUR® U306 Self-leveling polyurethane-based flooring

Table 1- List of new antistatic/conductive Basa Polymer products


Introduction of products:

BASADUR® E709 antistatic colored floor coating, two components based on epoxy resin, as the final layer of the antistatic flooring system, whose strengths include near-zero volatile content, high back cover, excellent adhesion to the substrate, as well as higher durability. The amount of consumption is low (150 to 250 grams) per square meter. Also, the anti-sagging effect makes it possible to use this product on vertical surfaces.

BASADUR® E326 is an antistatic self-leveling coating based on epoxy resin. This product creates optimal rheological properties and minimizes the amount of tangling and protrusion of fibers during execution. This product offering provides electrical conductivity without hot spots in the range of 106-104 ohms while maintaining the original mechanical properties such as durability and strength.

BASADUR® U306 product is a self-leveling polyurethane coating with antistatic/conductive properties, two components with flexibility, and 50% elongation. The production of this product, which is based on a type of thermoset polyurethane, replaces hardness and brittleness with additional properties such as hardness and toughness. It is worth noting that the production of antistatic resin flooring was only based on the epoxy resin in the Iranian market.

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