Laboratory Epoxy Flooring

Laboratory epoxy flooring

Laboratory Epoxy Flooring: Medical diagnostic laboratories, blood banks, anatomical and microbiological pathology laboratories, clean rooms, or research and development companies need flooring for their laboratory space that fulfills the sensitive needs of this application. As laboratories today move toward increasing automation, new diagnostic technologies, and genetic pathology, high-performance flooring is increasingly necessary to support their vital efforts and ensure a pollution-free environment. Since even small particles can adversely affect the production and testing processes, laboratory epoxy flooring with antibacterial, antistatic, and high chemical resistance properties is the best option for these applications.

For more information about “Necessary characteristics of suitable flooring for the laboratory and the characteristics of BASAPOLYMER laboratory epoxy flooring,” stay with us until the end of this article.

Proper Flooring for the Laboratory

As laboratory staff is expected to be highly accurate, creative, and flexible, laboratory facilities and equipment must be compatible with the application of the laboratory and provide appropriate facilities for that use.

Visual appeal, high durability, easy cleaning, chemical resistance, antibacterial, integrity, etc., are the main required features of suitable flooring for the laboratory. But BASAPOLYMER laboratory flooring not only meets the basic hygienic and technical requirements but also goes beyond that.

The antibacterial structure of this flooring prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes that will affect the test results. Also, due to the integrity of the flooring surface and the absence of seams on one side, and the elimination of ninety-degree angles at the junction of the floor to the wall, removing any gaps or seams that provide space for the accumulation of dirt, dust, fungus, and mold, and provides a safe, hygienic and isolated environment for laboratories and clean rooms.

Laboratory flooring should be resistant to high traffic, abrasion, and scratches. Other advantages are the possibility of easy cleaning of the flooring and its resistance to stains. And also makes this laboratory flooring very durable.

The laboratory space should create a sense of peacefulness for the staff. BASAPOLYMER epoxy flooring, with the possibility of execution in various colors and designs, creates an attractive, calm environment and fits in with the laboratory’s interior decoration; Also, anti-slip epoxy flooring prevents accidents at work and similar misfortunes.

Excellent chemical resistance of BASAPOLYMER epoxy flooring allows to use of surface disinfectants and shows good resistance in case of spillage of chemicals such as acids or bases. Click here for more information on the chemical resistance of Epoxy Flooring.

Seamlessly, floor-to-wall integrity, impermeability, sealing, high abrasion resistance of epoxy flooring, and its chemical resistance will all lead to easy cleaning and maintenance of this laboratory flooring and a significant reduction in repair and maintenance costs of the building.

Properties of laboratory epoxy flooring

The characteristics of epoxy flooring that can be used in laboratories are as follows:

  • Extraordinary resistance to chemicals, solvents, and acids
  • High resistance to abrasion and scratches
  • Anti-slip and safe
  • Antistatic properties and safety of parts that have electronic equipment
  • Comply with GMP standards
  • Various colors and designs


Applications of laboratory epoxy flooring

BASAPOLYMER laboratory epoxy flooring can be used in various applications. Including:


  • Wet laboratories or dry laboratory spaces
  • Biological or chemical laboratories
  • Quality control room and test sites
  • Clinical trial rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Process development laboratories
  • Isolated storage rooms


Laboratory epoxy flooring
Laboratory epoxy flooring

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