The 23rd Sunday Export Fair

The 23rd Sunday Export Fair

“Sunday Export Event”| Construction industry| Iraq

The 23rd “Sunday Export Event” of INIF was held on Sunday, December 5th in Tehran, Iran. In this event, a group of Iraqi Kurdistan Businessmen, Businesswomen, and Technology Boards in the fields of metals technology, mining, construction, agriculture, and food were invited to attend and visit the Iranian knowledge-based products and services. The second day of the 23rd “Export Sundays” event of INIF was held on December 6, with the presence of Businessmen, Businesswomen, Industrialists and, the technical board from Iraq (Kirkuk).

The knowledge-based BASA POLYMER Company was invited to participate in this exhibition, present its product portfolio (resin-based floorings), and negotiate with Businessmen, Industrialists, and, the technical board from Iraqi Kurdistan and Kirkuk, Iraq.

In this event, BASA Polymer presented its products to the export market. The seamless resin flooring products include epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, and MMA flooring with different variations suitable to be used in different applications such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clean rooms, warehouses, logistic areas, showrooms and offices, and car parks.

"Basa Polymer, specialist in production and consulting of Resin Flooring"S

Basa Polymer specializes in the production of various types of integrated flooring
(epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate) and provides products and services,
And is with you in the design of floor protection systems and monitoring services,
to help you have the best flooring system that suits your user needs.



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