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1325 Square meters

Project requirements

The renovation of the floor of Tehran Hospital in Tehran was done with the aim of designing, producing, and implementing a completely hygienic flooring in accordance with the guidelines of the Health and Workplace Health Center of the Ministry of Health.

The previous floor of the hospital was mosaic, and the selected hospital flooring should stick well on the mosaic and not be separated due to continuous washing.

Due to the constant movement of personnel, visitors, patients, and wheeled vehicles such as stretchers and wheelchairs, the hospital flooring should have good wear resistance and abrasion resistance.

Ease of cleaning and disinfecting the hospital floor in order to prevent the spread and spread of various diseases was another important requirement of the hospital floor in Tehran.

Also, the design and combination of colors and the implementation of lines and guide signs on the chosen flooring in order to increase the visual beauty of the hospital environment, the productivity of the staff, and the morale of the patients were particularly important.

BasPolymer solution

The resin flooring chosen for the corridors of Tehran Hospital was a completely hygienic, seamless, high-wear, antibacterial epoxy flooring.

This antibacterial hospital flooring prevents the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and is easy to wash and disinfect with special detergents and floor washing machines.

The epoxy flooring of the hospital corridors was implemented as Stone Design.

In order to increase the roughness of the hospital flooring and make the surface semi-matte, BASADUR® E401 transparent varnish was applied on the final surface of the epoxy flooring.

Due to the importance of high execution speed, the choice of base polymer for different rooms and departments of the hospital was acrylate flooring (MMA) with color flakes (flake).

Finally, the flooring of Tehran Hospital with a thickness of 3 mm was installed and implemented in 4 days.

Used products

Epoxy flooring material for hospital corridors

Primer: BASADUR®-E101

Middle layer: BASADUR®-E306

Final layer: BASADUR®-E307

Color flakes

Semi-matte lacquer: BASADUR®-E401

Acrylate flooring material for hospital rooms

Lines and guide marks: BASADUR®-E707

Acrylate primer for stone and mosaic: BASADUR®- M101

Intermediate layer: BASADUR®- M302

Final layer: BASADUR®-E503

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