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Done date



356 Square meters

Project requirements

The renovation of the flooring of the drug donation pharmacy was designed, produced, and implemented in full compliance with the existing floor standards in GMP. The pharmaceutical floor must be completely hygienic, level, without slope, and rigid, to avoid errors in the process of weighing materials.

Due to the movement of heavy items in this hall and the risk of them falling on the floor, the flooring of the pharmaceutical weighing hall must have good impact resistance. Also, the floor surface should be completely smooth and polished and easy to clean and wash.

BasPolymer solution

According to the GMP standards, the new epoxy floor was completely integrated and aligned with the previous epoxy floor of the weighing hall. The new flooring had good impact resistance against the traffic of people and falling objects. Finally, the epoxy flooring of the Pharmaceutical weighing hall with a thickness of approximately 2 mm was installed and executed in a smooth and polished manner in a period of 3 days.

Used products


  1. Primer: BASADUR® E 101
  2. Middle layer: BASADUR® E 201
  3. Final layer: BASADUR® E 303
  4. Colorful flakes
  5. Semi-matte varnish: BASADUR® E 401