Danon dairy factory Flooring


Danon factory, Qazvin


Food industry Flooring projects

Done date



600 Square meters

Project requirements

The renovation of the dairy factory floor was done with the aim of designing, producing, and implementing durable and integrated flooring for the dairy factory.

Due to the continuous spillage of the raw materials of the dairy products production line on the floor and its long-term exposure to chemicals such as lactic acid in dairy products, dairy industry flooring must have good acid resistance.

Also, due to the importance of meeting the timing of the production of dairy products, it was not possible to shut down the production line in this factory, for this reason, the selected flooring had to be installed and implemented as soon as possible without shutting down the production line.

From the perspective of safety and HSE engineering, the flooring should reduce the number of injuries caused by personnel slipping, show floor contamination quickly, and be easy to clean.

BasPolymer solution

According to the requirements of the project, BASADUR® M102 anti-moisture acrylate primer was used for wet areas and BASADUR® M101 general acrylate primer was used for dry areas.

Due to the importance of not shutting down the production line of the factory, acrylate flooring, which has a high curing speed compared to other resin flooring, was installed on the previous epoxy flooring.

Also, among the features of acrylate flooring produced for dairy factories, it can be mentioned that it is anti-acid and easy to wash with various detergents and floor-cleaning machines.

Used products


Primer: BASADUR® M101, BASADUR® M102
Intermediate layer: BASADUR® M301
Finishing layer: BASADUR® M503

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