About BASA Academy

About BASA Academy
With the increasing use of resin flooring in different industries, the need for proper recognition of these products amongst customers, executives, contractors and manufacturers is felt more and more. As a result, Basapar Sazan Iranian Co. (Basa Polymer) has launched BASA Academy. 
BASA Academy is trying to raise the awareness of resin flooring customers on the basis of technical knowledge and experience of its own specialists and researchers. 
The goals of BASA Academy are: 
·Promotion of general and specialized knowledge in the field of polymer coatings. 
·Introduction of resin flooring and protective coatings and their role in structures.
·Helping to improve the quality of resin flooring by raising awareness of design principles, formulation, quality control, use and maintenance of resin flooring (from manufacturers to final consumers).
·Keep up-to-date information and hold expert meetings on the latest technologies and fees in the area of resin flooring.